The activity of our technical office began in 2002, with core business: renovations of buildings, energy saving and technical support as regards the electrical installations of residences and business facilities.

In 2003 we launched on the market the Protection M.C. relating to the protection of electrical devices from surges, an innovation that made us known in the energy sector. Those who trusted us are free once and for all from the risk their property to be destructed.

In 2006 our office expanded its activity in the study and installation of photovoltaic (P/V) systems both stand-alone and interconnected to the PPC power grid. Alongside with the implementation of the program “Photovoltaic systems on the rooftops” we focused on the study and installation of P/V power stations of high capacity in residences and small businesses throughout Greece. Our experienced engineers always provide the best solution for the maximum exploitation of the areas available for electricity production.

Apart from the Photovoltaic energy sector, we have equally strong presence in the construction industry. Building permits, operating licenses, arrangement of arbitrary buildings, energy efficiency studies, fire protection and electrical installations are only some of the services we offer over the years. Our team consists of specialized engineers in every field who can handle any request, immediately and effectively.

Today our office with a culture based on the impeccable service of its clients, continues to grow and expand rapidly, providing its services with due diligence and credibility.