Protection M.C.

Protection ADOur office fully undertakes with complete responsibility the installation of the automation system “Protection M.C.” which protects your electrical and electronic devices from hazards such as Lightning, poor contact of the neutral point, overvoltage and voltage drop due to damages in the PPC network, the electrical panel and more. This is a protective device consisting of certified materials according to ISO, DIN, etc., which is easily and quickly installed with just a simple visit to your premises and its continuous operation provides absolute safety and reliability.      

Its purchase and installation is much cheaper than other protection means and if we consider the cost saved due to the avoidance of possible destructions in the devices, it’s safe to say that this is a worthwhile investment.

It is also important to mention that PPC assumes no responsibility for such damage. Besides by way of its bills it calls us to protect our assets.

The new automation system, Protection M.C. puts an end to the damage of your electrical devices once for all. Trust us!