Photovoltaic Systems – Net metering

Maison photovoltaique dans Goutte d'eauPhotovoltaic systems are one of the most rapidly growing renewable energy technologies in the world. These systems utilize solar energy by converting it into electrical and in Greece depending on their use are divided in two categories:

  •   Auto production systems with net metering: the generated energy channeled to the grid by the auto-producers is balanced against energy consumption.
  •   Stand-alone systems: the energy produced is stored in batteries and is consumed directly to meet the energy needs of the owner.

Our office offers a range of services designed to meet the desires and needs of its clients in the best possible way. The experience and expertise in the energy sector enables us to propose integrated solutions that include:

Design-Study of a PV power station:  We visit your premises for the installation of the PV power station, drawing information with particular attention in order to prepare a sound study. Thereafter the compiling of the dossier follows which is forwarded to the relevant department in order to issue the license for the photovoltaic system. 

Funding: In cooperation with banking groups we create preferential funding packages tailored to the needs of each client.    

Installation: By implementing the approved study, we install branded products of European standards with their respective multi-annual guarantees. We construct the project with particular attention and respect towards the client’s property, whereas the installation is conducted on the basis of a technical and aesthetic excellence. At the same time the excellent and ongoing training of our technical personnel guarantees maximum performance of the photovoltaic power plant.

Maintenance: We give the possibility to continuously monitor the performance of photovoltaic power station we install, through annual maintenance contracts. Furthermore the technical department (service) we have caters directly and in the best way any need our clients may have.