Operating Licenses

Άδειες λειτουργίαςOur office covers any activity requiring an operating license such as heath-regulated establishments, Educational Institutions, gyms, beauty salons, clinics, food laboratories etc.

Specifically for health-regulated establishments our services include the following:


  • Pre-checking of suitability (Land use, functionality of the space for the desired use, legality etc.) up until the suitable space is found.
  • Carrying out all the necessary studies and submitting a complete dossier to the competent authorities (municipality, fire department etc.).
  • Completing the procedures until the operating license is available to you.

Alongside with the licensing of premises we undertake their change of use in the urban planning department, if necessary, as well as its renovation, suggesting cost saving solutions but most of all functional. So you will know from the start the total cost of the investment that needs to be done and it’s up to you to decide whether it is in your interest to proceed or not with the premises you have selected.

ATTENTION:Before deciding whether the premises are suitable to house your business ALWAYS consult an engineer and a lawyer, to avoid renting or buying an unsuitable establishment that cannot be licensed due to various technical and legal barriers.