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The electrician’s certificate (or Licensed Electrician Certification) concerns the controlling of internal electrical installations of the property by a licensed electrician and is submitted to HDENO. This is not a standard document “since this control ensures the safe operation of the installation and the safety of those living, working or visiting the site.

Our office undertakes to issue the certificate responsibly in a few hours after visiting your property. All we need from you is:

  • A copy of a recent PPC bill.

If during the control, malfunctions or defects are found they have to be corrected, once this is done, a new control must be performed to proceed to the issuance of the certificate, because the necessary technical specifications must be satisfied.

On the basis of our excellent knowledge of the field we can fully undertake the on the spot remedy of malfunctions which can lead to the safeguarding of your property as well as to the direct obtainment of your certificate.

Take advantage of the 10% discount for the electrician’s certificate if you assign us the remedy of the operating malfunctions of your electrical installation.

In order to further help and facilitate our clients we also submit the certificate to HEDNO with just a small charge.

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