vevaios_michanikouAll property transfers from now on are made by mandatorily attaching an Engineer’s certificate, which states that the property hasn’t sustained any development abuse.

We issue with absolute credibility and responsibility the above certificate of Law 4495/17 in a few hours after the inspection of the property and after having at our disposal copies of the following documents:

  • Title deed of the property
  • Building permit of the property
  • Approved (urban) architectural plans of the property
  • Legal documents on settlements or arrangements

In any case our office can collect the above supporting documents (permit, property plans) from the competent urban planning office.

The certificates are submitted electronically to the Technical Chamber of Greece, receiving a unique number relating to the property and subsequently they are annexed to the contract. They are valid for two (2) months from the day of inspection on the property.

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With the simultaneous issuance of an Energy Performance Certificate and a Certificate of Law 4495/17 you gain a 10% discount.