aftheretaBy the Arrangement of Arbitrary Buildings of Law 4178/2013 the recovery and the imposition of penalties is suspended for the next 30 years, for arbitrary constructions or arbitrary changes of use made until 28/07/2011. In this procedure they are also included immovable properties which have completed the procedure by that date. For several arbitrary categories the opportunity for apermanent legalization and keeping thereof is given for an indefinite period.


The procedure for arranging arbitrary buildings consists of the following stages:

  • On the spot inspection of your property, with survey and measurement, inspection of the entire construction, collection of all the necessary supporting documents and calculation of the fine.
  • Completion of specific documents and solemn declaration by the owner, electronic initiation of the settling process with submission of an application by the engineer, issue of a unique number for the arbitrary building via the entry and payment order system for the entry fee (deposit), information on the amount of payments in connection with the number of installments to be selected.
  • Payment of the deposit by the owner of the property to a Bank Institution of his/her choice, informing the system of the Technical Chamber of Greece within 24 hours after the inclusion process in the Law has been activated.
  • Collection of the necessary information, preparation of plans and issue of the certificate on the arrangement of arbitrary building, document in which all the particulars of the included in the arrangement arbitrary building are mentioned.

The documents required for the arrangement of arbitrary buildings are:

  • Authorization by the owner to the Engineer (with authentication of his/her signature).
  • Solemn Declarations of Law 1599/1986 in respect of the particulars of the property and its arbitrariness (with authentication of the signature).
  • Photocopy of the owner’s identity card.
  • Photocopy of the last E9.
  • Photocopy of contract on property ownership rights.
  • Copies of plans from the building permit dossier of the property and the building permit, if available.
  • Private Agreement with the Engineer.


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